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Arthing is offering all there is to love about traditional and creative Greece. This innovative art and craft workshops enhance all your senses through traditional art and craft activities, at harmony with the natural melodies and visions of beautiful surroundings, experiencing Aroma's and flavors of local produce, and the ambiance and aura of local tavernas and cultural events. Wander in harmony, discover the mellow Greek way of life and savor the relaxing experiences.

Our story

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

At Arthing , we offer unique tourism experiences that you won't find anywhere else on the island. We'll take you off the beaten path, exploring places that are truly off the tourist map. You'll have the opportunity to participate in creative workshops of your choice, including arts and crafts, cooking, and more. Come explore the island with us and see why so many travelers keep coming back for more.

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Ainat Telem


Art With The Power Of Nature

Sylwia is an international artist living on Lefkada island for the past 7 years, building and designing a home from a complete stone ruin. Sylwia produces creative art inspired by the use of natural materials taken from nature in her local surroundings.


You will be collecting clay directly from the land, creating vegetable dyes, using charcoal and natural foliage to create art that will be returned to nature afterwards.


Being at harmony with nature you will have the opportunity to experience natural activities such as strolling and resting amongst nature and swimming in a natural river.


Craft Workshop

Tina her motto, Recycle, Re-use, Re-think, artistically uses recycled materials such as driftwood, paper, stones, wool, and textiles.


You will participate in relaxing workshops that inspire you to engage in regular hobby handicrafts at home. Elements of small pastime crafts such as crochet, slow stitching, quilling, book folding, flower pressing, and painting techniques.


this kind of activities are relaxing, enhance cognitive health, improve dexterity and emotional wellbeing.


Soap Making

Kalliope cultivates her own flowers in the mountains of Lefkada, she is

using the natural slow cold process saponification method to make olive oil soaps, also natural shampoos, deodorant creams, and toothpaste.


You will be participating in a natural soap making workshop, customizing it with your personal choice of herbal extracts, clays and dry plant material taking home your handmade organic soap.


Aris And The Art Of Strolling

Aris has a plethora of knowledge with regards to culinary and medicinal plants to enhance general health and wellbeing.


You will be wandering through flora in the tranquility of this glorious mountain area, foraging for nutritious berries, herbs and wildflowers, learning about their healthy properties.


Visiting Aris's workshop/apotheke, he will demonstrate the processes of creating creams. as well as the opportunity to purchase homemade tinctures and creams.


Weaving The Loom

Aitaro this established workshop situated in a mountainous village will transports you back in time. Here you will meet the collective women who are passionate about textile arts; using the traditional weaving loom they will demonstrate how to make your own place mats / rug.


The objective is to embody cultural tradition, safekeep and transmit the knowledge and skills of past self sufficiency and handmade techniques. Unique original handmade products are also available to purchase.


Walking The Path Of A Local Greek

Prepare for an epic adventure on Lefkada island! You'll be following in the footsteps of locals, exploring hidden treasures nestled among the mountains, charming villages, and serene olive groves.


Get ready to indulge in fresh goat's milk and cheese, seasonal fruits and veggies plucked straight from the garden, foraged herbs and wildflowers, locally caught fish, and of course, sipping on heavenly olive oil and wine. We'll even take you to our favorite little village tavernas, Greek Orthodox churches, and local museums.


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